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Exclamation Full sail university questions.

I have finished most of the process form full sail to join and even got my acceptance letter in theory I should be happy.

But my financial aid advisor kelly aske me ot send in the estimate for my livinf in the state room board etc. and I'm to be sent a check after 30 or so days allowing me to pay for my place when I'm down there.

She sent it back to me and highlighted certain things in red with the line.

"Money is due ot be repayed at time of graduation"

Now I'm not the best math wiz in the world or......well paranoid but that being said,does anyone KNOW for a FACT that this means fullsail wants me to IMMEDIATLY pay back this money after I graduate OR did they mean my repayments start after graduation and they don't want it all at once they want it in credit card style i.e. I pay the hole thing or I make the min payment that is do?

Also did I post this in the right forum section if not can someone link me to the right place plz?
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