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Just looking at your demo-reel, the first 15 seconds or so are fairly slow paced. Try to get the information in and out so that people viewing your demo won't start to fidget while they wait for your models to actually get on-screen.

Your first character model is too dark to stand out on a black field, so a little bit of back-lighting an really help to get the silhouette to pop, and draw attention to the finer details. As it is, I am spending too much time squinting to see the actual form of the model, rather than to enjoy the details.

Your city environment could use some more dynamic lighting as well, and the strongest model in the scene is the car. If you've textured the car yourself, toning down the reflection in the glass and paint materials may help you more than hurt you, since the glass is nearly a mirror finish and it again, detracts from the actual modeling.

And finally, your bio could use a little grammatical polish. There are a few run-ons that someone might nit-pick.
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