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Much better in terms of keeping my attention. Since you've gone through the steps to improve your portfolio, I'll offer a few more things that I've noticed with this iteration.

Echoing Yaustar:

If the background is dark/black (the first clip of the walk cycle the dark character, the gas pump, the snow scene) it needs back-lighting or a different skydome to stand out. If you don't have the model files to edit, take it out of your reel, since they are the weakest clips.

Consider editing to the beats of music, and shorten your transitions to pace.

Since you are displaying poly-count, it would only help if you were to show an inset of your UV's unwrapped so that we could get an idea of how you pack and paint your textures. Even at the very least, include your unwraps in a stills section of your site.

Your name is listed right above the reel, so there's no real need to display it again. If you want to watermark your work for the sake of identification, put a small unobtrusive and transparent watermark in the corner that lasts for a few seconds and plays over the demo as it runs.

Take out the thank you for watching text at the end.

You've made some real progress in displaying your work, so it's only a constant evolution from here on out. And remember, as your work improves, the stuff that you may think isn't the best of the best needs to go.
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