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Question Why is the book so different?

The issue I'm about to raise here might seem to be more aimed at books than games, but one of the purposes of this topic is to discuss the boundaries of games, which can be done very nicely by comparing the game medium with one of the older mediums of entertainment such as a book.

Now here's the subject of my inquiry.
[COLOR="Green"]Green[/COLOR] indicates something that has been done before, and worked.
[COLOR="Red"]Red[/COLOR] indicates something that has hardly ever / never been done before, and has yet to work very well.

[COLOR="Green"]Book -> Movie[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]Movie -> Book[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Green"]Book -> Game[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]Game -> Book[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Green"]Movie -> Game[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Green"]Game -> Movie[/COLOR]

As mediums of entertainment, I would consider a movie and a book more similar to one another compared to a game, seeing as a game is the only medium that let's you directly interact with it, use it and shape it to your desires. However, when looking at potential conversions from the one medium to the other, we see that the movie and the game are the only two mediums of the three that can do painless conversations between the both, not just one way.

So here's Question #1
What is it about a book that makes it so easy to use it as one medium able to create another, whereas it's almost impossible to turn a medium that started in a game or a movie into a book. Can a book only be a beginning, and not the end of a creative process?

Question #2:
Why are movies and games a more compatible match & mix?
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