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I know this is an old thread but I happened to read the post by texasjgc and had to reply. I recently left teaching at ITT (game design dept) to teach at AI. Let me chime in and say that there is no comparison between ITT and AI. AI is a superior school with higher standards. ITT Tech is a degree mill. They're bottom feeders. And their standards are a joke, if you can crawl in off the street and draw a stick figure you'll pass their game design program. In fact, you can graduate there with a pathetic D grade. There were some students who didn't even have their GED!

My advice, research your shool of interest, talk to people who've actually graduated from the school and find out if the students are actually being placed in the industry - not at UPS or Kinko's. And please don't just listen to the recruiters - some of them do in fact lie or stretch the truth without the school's consent - some can be weasels. It's up to you to do your due diligence.

I haven't been at AI long enough to say if their game design program is steller compared to other schools, but I've heard and seen good things so far. Their lab equipment is top notch, and my sense is that they actually do care about their students.

One more thing. AI is accredited but that doesn't mean your classes will transfer to a university. There are many different accreditation bodies out there. ITT Tech is also "accredited" but those classes also will not transfer to a state university. Be aware that these are technical schools that focus on specific subjects. The universities have a different philosophy of the "well rounded student" in all subjects. So you spend two or three years taking humanities, english and math before getting your core classes. Whereas at a tech school you get to jump right in to your core classes without too much of the other crap you already had in high school.

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