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I'm unsure about One Republic as the BGM in the reel. What about something low-key or more ambience? The intro was nice, but as soon as the vocals started it got distracting.

In looking at your resume, I would re-work your opening. It should be short and to the point about who you are and what job you are looking for. Give a short description of yourself (I like the use of passion, I mean, that's what this is about right?). It helps to use the word 'I' less, and some grammar is in need of touch up ("I work good under stress and have never been late on my deadline" should be something like "I work well under stress and consistently finish work at or before deadlines.")

Resumes are difficult, and if I find a link to a good website on artist resumes, I'll let you know. You artwork is great, keep it up!
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