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Guess I'll throw mine in here as well

5: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
The reason I add them both is because what they accomplish is the same, while they may not have revolutionized the First Person Shooter genera, they by-far set the bar for interesting story/campaign modes. Taking advantage of the graphics of the Xbox 360 and breaking away from the mold of all Call of Duty games before it, Infinity Ward added an interesting adventure to the average "cookie cutter" shooter game

4: Pokemon (Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Crystal)
Pokemon... all I can really say about Pokemon is wow. Since first playing Red version when it first came out i've been hooked, the sense of freedom, adventure, exploration, collecting, growing, everything Pokemon was made to do was accomplished, and not only has Game Freak invented the perfect ****tail of awesomeness, but they've done it so well that I assume they are the only game that has ever made so much profit off of several squeals in which very little has changed from the initial release (which in my mind is its ultimate downfall, they make so much money that it is unlikely they will sway from what works let alone make any major changes)

3: Everything Mario
Come on, do i really need to explain this one? Mario is an icon, everyone knows Mario, and if they don't know Mario then they know the theme song. Mario has made such an influence on the world its almost unreal, and above the fan-base, Mario set the standard for all platform games, from now until the end of time. in other words; Mario is winning.. Duh

2: Guild Wars
Guild Wars made an excellent addition to the world of MMO games. Although it's no World of Warcraft in player base, Guild Wars offers twice that if not more, as F2P(free to play) then WoW has even yet to match with its P2P(pay to play) standard. GW has a unique world with an incredibly deep story line, past that of even the campaign, in fact it's so deep that even few veteran players have even scratched the surface, add in Dungeons, Elite Areas, Prestige Armor, Titles, and Constant additions to the game world and market place you've got a great game that can last you several years if you stay committed.

And my number 1: Ms. Pacman
Really? Who doesn't love Ms. Pacman
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