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What do you mean by, "just a case of 'more' for the 3D work."
As in more content. You don't have a lot in your portfolio (although they are good models).

How do you think I should reorganize my resume?
More whitespace between blocks of text.
Get rid of the '-' for the headers.
'Key Production Skills' is useless. EVERYONE and their dog says that. Kill it or prove it by providing examples.
Unless the job explicitly asks for it, get rid of Windows XP, Word, Mac OSX and PowerPoint from Software Experience.
Is Work Experience your Job History? Should you freelance section content be under this heading? If it is a mixture of hobby projects and Work, separate them.
I would stick IGDA under activities and get rid of the Professional Affiliation header.
Make the margins and footnote areas smaller. It will give you more room to space stuff out.
Get rid of the / in 3D Modeler/Texture Artist and replace with 'and'.
Get rid of Professional Skills text, it serves no purpose.
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