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I found this on a link from a different users question.

The publisher producer is mainly concerned with making the best possible game. He has to make sure that the developer delivers what he wants, on time and on budget. He approves the milestones, providing feedback to the developer, and ensuring that milestone payments get made once he's satisfied with the developer's progress. The publisher producer has to deal with the licensor, platform holder, and the marketing people who create the box & docs, and to shepherd the game through Quality Assurance.

The developer producer herds his cats in making the game on time. He has to make sure to satisfy the publisher producer so that the publisher producer will approve payments for milestone deliveries. He doesn't deal directly with the licensor, necessarily, or with the platform holder or the marketing people.
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It does not touch on the 2nd half of my question. So please everyone feel free to respond if you have any other insights or additional information. I am looking for the Britannica, this paragraph is not really enough to answer all of my questions.
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