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Default Portfolio concern

Hey guys! In February 2010, I applied for several jobs by e-mailing or uploading my portfolio to some companies' web sites. My portfolio was a very amateur one and even though the focus of each image is a piece of work done by me, some of the images contained art done by other people/company. Like I made a car and put it into a Crysis level. Now I noticed that I did not put a disclaimer to give credit to owners properly. The worst part is I sent the portfolio to Crytek too. Obviously, I did not get a job with that portfolio. BUT the companies still have my portfolio. I guess they added me to their ignore list already but I'm afraid of getting sued or anything like that. I cannot handle that :/

What do you think about the situation? Should I contact the companies, apologize and ask them to delete my portfolio from their archives(Crytek keeps it online)?
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