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Default becoming a great animator.

I know this has probably been asked several times over but there is something that I've been flipping around in my head for a little while and I just want to get some responses. I've been wanting to get into a more focused study because I know how good you have to be to get into the industry. I've always heard two sayings work hard and work smart and I'd rather the latter of the two because I know I can get results a lot sooner if I do it that way. So I've now targeted the areas of animation that I need to discipline myself in and could use some direction cause I feel like there is so much content I honestly don't know where to start first. The first one being the 12 principles of animation which I started to try and focus on more as it is the foundation. The second being anatomy which of course helps you to learn how the body functions. I have a lot of books but I'm wondering what might be the best toward animation. The third is physics I know in regards to force,velocity,acceleration,weight this can really bring the animations to the next level especially with the 3D technology that has now become a staple for animation. So I just wanted to get some feed back about what direction to take. What should I master first? I'm aware of what needs to be done just not how to make everything work cohesively to my advantage.
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