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Nice portfolio, although I do have some critiques...

It's great that you are capable of modelling environments, props and characters. However in the current climate it may help to come across as a bit more of a specialist. In my opinion you character work is the strongest, so you should promote these on your website the most. Then pick a couple of other pieces of your best work and have these at the bottom (say the High-poly Colt as it shows your high poly skills obv. and the Pizza shop). At the moment it's almost as if you have ALL of your finished projects on your site, not just your best.

Another thing I noticed is the high resolution thumbnails. Thumbnails should be used to provide a quick glance of what to expect once clicked (something I assume you already know ). The problem is that it takes a considerable amount of time to load up each image, and you can imagine that a busy empolyer going through 100's of these is not going to sit around and wait.

Anyway keep up the good work!
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