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Default QA Playtester - CV Advice


I've recently stumbled across this site and read through as many forums posts / features as I can, and have learned a great deal thus far. Recently, a local game developer has been fairly aggressive in their advertisement of QA Play testers recruitment.

I myself have a long-term career goal of working in the video game industry as a programmer, and am currently attending the appropriate classes at the local community college. I have practically no professional experience, other than a two day focus group that tested a game, but I was required to sign an NDA that has not been lifted yet, so I'm not certain if I am allowed to put any details of that on a resume.

I have been playing video games quite literally my entire life since the age of two, and have loads of experience in MMOs, which is the same genre of game the company I am applying to is currently recruiting for.

I'd be greatly appreciative if someone could give me any advice, critique, pointers, etc. on my resume / cover letter.

Cover Letter

(Google documents didn't particularly like my original formatting, but I assure you both the resume and cover letter are only a single page in length when printed out / e-mailed.)

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