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I was once advised to never rate how proficient you are on each software. Since all of us rank things slightly differently, those numbers (1= novice and 10= master) do not provide much information at all, other than possibly inspiring second-thoughts like "oh, but his UDK skill isn't as good." Just list your softwares and leave them be.

You are taking a risk here and readability might be an issue. You may want to consider attaching a more plain and informative copy of your resume as well, at the end of this resume.

Another minor comment about your portfolio site - your "portfolio" button graphic looks like the header of the website. When I tried to click on your portfolio I ended up clicking the hand-drawn image banner under it, which took me to "a deeper look" - obviously not intended for first-impression. Consider putting your text on the graphic for your buttons.

Lastly, consider replacing the checkerboard shot after your first render with just a wireframe + poly count. I understand that you may be using textures of different sizes, but at first glance I think of "stretched textures, uneven UV distribution, different pixel density - what's up with this?" Instead of providing any information that sells your piece, this shot may inspire a sliver of doubt, and you could do better without it.

Good work and good luck!
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