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Default Job Interview Help for LT Tester position

Hello ,

Tomorrow i will have a phone interview with EA for the LT tester (Turkish) position. Since i already passed all tests and spoke to the human resources lady for hundreds of times , i am assuming this is the last step. At first they wanted to meet up in Madrid but then they decided to do it on the phone when i told them that i am in Barcelona.

HR lady told me that this interview will be with the people from LT Department and it will take aproximately one hour.

I am trying to prepare for the interview but i am not really sure what to cover. I obviously went throught my CV several times but there is absolutely nothing even remotely related to LT testing on my CV so i don't know what they can ask from it. I am also searching previous EA games etc but i don't know what else to do.

Any help is appreciated.

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