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Teko: I think your foundations are good. What you are not showing off in your portfolio are personality of your characters, and creativity overall. While it is possible to find a job as a modeling grunt who just go by photo refs or model sheets, your chances will get much higher if you can showcase your creativity as an artist. Your portfolio will also stand out a lot more if people can look at your characters and make a mental connection to them - something that makes them stand out, gives them stories, not just "another muscle guy" or "another horror monster".

Imagine an art director trying to mention your particular portfolio to a colleague after seeing about 20 of them together. Will he be able to just say "the old dude with the badass mechanical arm" to immediately cause the other person to say "yeah that one"? Or will they both struggle to figure out exactly which portfolio they are talking about without having to pull it back up on the screen? Leaving a deep impression will make a huge difference.
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