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Default Project Update

Whoa! It's been a while. I graduated from BU! Woot! With finals and projects it's taken me a while to come back here and post again. Just wanted to post about the project and how things are going.

We're getting to the halfway mark in the prototype phase of production. More importantly we learned that is where we should be and what to call it! I've been making Gantt charts and timelines.

The project now has a Facebook Page, a twitter account, a website, and a blog. The really interesting part for anyone on this website is the blog. Instead of just being about the game itself, the posts are about the project management and marketing aspects of game design. If want to learn more about these things then check out the blog. Help me build it into a great resource for anyone that wants to learn how to make games. I would love your input, questions, comments!

Jeremy Springfield
Creative Lead
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