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I don't have a computer sciences degree but I am a programming focused graduate in game design and development. I would not say that you need calc to program. Trig for 3d calculations. I am the same way though. I do not perform well on tests.

As far as I see it, Tests are not an accurate way to demonstrate your knowledge on a subject. We are starting up a Game Studio Here in Toronto and programmers will be required to write a test but it will be completely open resource, just like it is in the industry. This way if you don't remember part you can always look it up and as long as you can complete it well in the required time, who cares if you did some research as well.

If you want to get into some more of the adaptive programming you should study discreet math. It has a lot of uses in AI and audio programming as well as many other areas. It's not required but it's only going to help. I did take Calc and sucked at it. I find discreet easy as pie though. It's just the way my brain works.

This is more to point you in the right direction for what to study before getting into the industry. Your college/university should hare pre-recs available for each course if you study them and if you are still in high school I'm sure your student aid should have all the post-secondary information you need.
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