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Hello Zamarripa, you wrote:
1. I'm considering being a game artist but I need to know if its a good career path.
2. I also want to know what colleges successful game artist went to.
3. Ive tried looking into Full Sail University, University of Advancing Technologies and Art Institute.
4. But Every time I dig deeper into my search there is always that one person who is like, Don't go there!
5. Not to mention the tuition.
6. I still have time to decide
1. What does a "good" career mean to you? My point is, only YOU can decide what your criteria are. Because it's YOUR life. What other people think is good might not match your criteria.

2. Don't worry about that. They all come from a variety of schools. You do want an art degree, but it can come from any sort of school.

3. You're talking about "game schools," right? For-profit schools. I recommend you Google "for-profit school news" and "for-profit college controversy," things like that (always Google using different search strings), and find out what's been going on lately in this regard. Then read these:

4. There will always be one guy who says that about anything. You, young sir, are much too easily swayed.

5. Let's DO mention the tuition. It should be a huge factor in your decision. It can't be the only factor, but it should be an important factor.

6. Make a decision grid:
Consider not only those game schools, but also your local community college and state colleges.
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