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Originally Posted by Cel View Post
I am trying to become a successful video games journalist. However, i need to brush up on my knowledge of the industry, and also of video game culture and history in general. Could anyone in the know direct me to some particularly informative books currently on the market?

Another small concern of mine is that i am female, and i am not sure if female journalists are uncommon within the video game industry, and if so whether this would make it even harder to become successful. If anyone has any advice on this that would be great.
Listen to every gaming podcast you can get a hold of, research the internet (might be faster than searching for a book), play every big game you've missed. Those would be my starting point suggestions.

As for being a girl gamer, the industry needs more of them. I don't feel as if being female would be a disadvantage. Just depends on who has more knowledge.

Also, maybe I'm reading this wrong, but it doesn't sound like you're much of a gamer. Just curious to why you would want to be a journalist?
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