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Hi guys,

I'm going to be taking the route to Game Programming through Computer Sciences, followed by a graduate program which gives me the degree of a Masters in Interactive Entertainment.

CS major I've found is one of the more desirable degrees for a game programmer. One question I had was, for a game programmer, what would be a good minor?

Math due to the fact that I'll be dealing with it a lot? What courses should I put my electives into?

Or would Digital Media be a better choice, since it builds on artistic skills and focuses a bit on game engines, game design, and interactive entertainment?

If I could get a response from someone in the industry that would be great.

Please, if you're still in High School, please don't answer this question unless you have asked this before and received an answer from someone in the industry. An educated guess is something I can make on my own, but a professional answer is something I'm seeking.

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