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I want to create my own games on windows but i have Absolutely no knowledge of programming at all. i have looked on the internet about beginning programming and many places say buy books on C/C++ programming but i dont even know what that is.
Ok! So you want to create your own game on windows So first ask yourself 2 questions:

1. Do you want to make games just for fun or do you want a career out of it?
2. Can you sit long hours on a computer coding every aspect of the game or you want a shortcut out of it?

For the first question if you answered you want to make games for fun then just carry on with gamemaker (google it and you should get plenty of information on what that is). Read on if you want to make a career out of it.....

For the second question no matter what you answer i suggest you start learning programming...
Basically start with VB.NET, C# and C and eventually onto C++, Python etc.....

Get some beginners book and you should have a decent idea where you're going with this!!!

Good Luck!!
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