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Default Looking for Writers for TheParanoidGamer and Other Projects

Hey Guys,

TheParanoidGamer has seen some stellar growth over the last 7 months, and I'm really pleased with how it has progressed along with the initial reception it has received.

I can't really convey how important a site like this is for finding a legitimate site and getting involved in the gaming industry.

That being said, I want to extend an invitation to anyone who's interested. We're currently looking for writers interested in writing about multiplatform gaming news, or the paranormal.

*We run off of Wordpress.
*Active writers will be eligible for review copies.
*Writers will receive a personalized email address

Note: This is a volunteer position. It's also a good way for beginner or immediate writers to get involved.

These next two projects are for advanced writers or people looking to manage a gaming site without footing the bill.

These sites need a talented team to manage them. These sites will also be networked with TheParanoidGamer and will receive the same benefits.

If any of these proposals interest you please reach out to me.

*Please only email me if you are very interested, otherwise it's a waste of your time and mine.*

If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer them here.
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