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Originally Posted by Zrifepsych View Post
1. I'm thinking like a popular character from PS3 cost like 300$.
2. by knowing the standard price for popular character,I can make sure my price fee isn't close to proffesional price.
1. No way. Not even close! Do the math Steven gave you.
2. You're more interested in asking questions than you are in actually doing any work. Otherwise, you would be already negotiating with some help seekers on gamedev's HW board.

You are dead set on doing this for money, and not for your name in the game's credits. So...

Don't worry about what a pro charges. Don't even name a figure at all -- make the clients tell you how much they're willing to pay. Say "no thanks" to all the ones who want to pay you in future royalties. When someone actually names a dollar figure, decide whether you can accept that figure or not. Then get it in writing, and have your parents sign the contract for you since you are a minor.
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