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Default Design Challenge: One Button Control.

So, anyone interested in submitting anything? Anyone free to team up?

I've been thinking about how to put this in work. I'm 24 and I played a LOT of games. Including those that were played on only one button (pinball coming to mind first) back in ZX/C64/trash arcade days

So I was thinking of a side-scrolling platformer, some guy/ball (Protagonist) running left to right. Pressing the Button shoots, holding the Button charges up the jump. Upon touching any surfaces, the Protagonist changes direction.

This makes up for interesting timing and skill-based features - we all liked wall jumping ofc. Shooting enemies and wall-jumping shortly after sounds decent enough.

The idea for the "main" level is for it to be sort of an arcadey-puzzle (similar to meat boy and IWBTG) where you need to get to the 'end' of the level (rightmost end) and gather enough speed running back to jump over the wall at the 'start' of the level where the actual goal is.

Alternatively, a side-scrolling tube racer could do the trick, where holding the button further accelerates and 'sticks' the racer to either the upper or the lower part of the tube and pressing it shoots bullets. Transitions between floor and ceiling will be done with ramps, while holding the Button ignores the ramp (think of a rollercoaster with different branches, or something like Rollcage where you need to alternate going over the ceiling/floor to avoid gaps)

Now, what I'm wondering about is if we're supposed to submit the whole game with the submission, just the idea or actually have the game and ship the idea/description (pitch) along with some screenies of actual work?

Also, if anyone likes these two ideas, feel free to contact me about teaming up - I'd like to do this but my time is limited due to work. Still, we've got plenty of time to finish this provided I get at least one more person on the team from a different timezone (preferably from the States cuz i'm GMT+1 so we can work on the code in shifts)

Looking forward to responses and any useful tips/information,
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