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Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
1. No, I said. You don't care if your designers understand what it's like to work in a team? Are we using the same definition of "designer"?
2. You must be both: a) desperate for designers, and b) excessively trusting.
3. No. I'm not. Not unless I'm a) desperate for a designer, and b) suffering from amnesia and don't remember that design is a vital position requiring a great deal of trust in the skill and experience and instincts of the candidate. Programmers I can see for entry positions; but designers? No.
Junior design positions are exactly that; junior. They are not vision holders, or people who have responsibilty over a major system. They are often hired to implement content, or you know... design and build levels.

Budgets often dictate the level of designer hired, not experience. I'd also argue that just because someone has experience it doesn't automatically make them
good. I've worked with junior designers with no experience who have provided more to a project than someone with shipped titles.

Have you ever worked on a project with more than 5 designers?

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