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Default work experience and exposure for games journalists

Hi all,

My name's Tim and I have a problem - I want to be a games journalist (just like everyone else ).

I've been an avid writer ever since high school, but rather foolishly I decided to take a scholarship in IT instead of pursue my dream career. I went through the motions of study, got decent grades and landed a respectable job. While working during the day, I studied for a graduate diploma in journalism and wrote articles at night.

I've recently moved to London from Sydney for a few months to take a break from the daily grind of my job, and hope to get some kind of work experience here.

I've already got a blog up (in my sig) and I've got some reviews and articles there. I was fortunate enough to have a title sent to me for review once, which was very cool.

At the moment I'm looking at contacting some magazine publishing houses for some pointers on entering the industry. I'm also planning to look at some other forums etc. where I can interact with like-minded people. I'll endeavour to add info to this thread as I find it.

If anyone else has any experiences or advice to share, I'd love to read it, as would others I'm sure.

Good luck guys and gals

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