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I'm a print journalism student studying in England (Gloucestershire to be precise) and am also looking for work experience in the field of game journalism! It is something I really want to get into.

I might be able to offer some advice on this as I have just sent off CV's to some magazines asking for work experience, and so I will update you with my results in a week or so!

The blog thing is a good idea, as even if no one reads it regularly, it is a good place for you to demonstrate your skills as a writer, the passion for your subject, and that you can stay committed to keeping something updated. I will take the end of this paragraph to shamelessly whore my blog. There we go!

It would definitely interest me (and possibly others) if you could tell us the secret of getting advance games to review? My blog doesn't really do reviewing as I can't get advance copies of games (or afford to keep buying them!).

Anyway, nice to see life back in this forum
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