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Default help and advices needed

I'm a highschool student, currently i'm choosing a course for my college next year. I'm interested in video game cinematics/ cutscenes / graphical stuffs.

In order to make video game cinematics/ cutscenes/ graphical stuffs...
Is a "animation diploma/ degree" sufficient to make these?

However, i saw animation courses offer Pixar-like graphic animation stuffs.... It totally looked different as compared to AAA video game cinematic animation stuffs.. The Pixar-like animations seemed to be exaggerated and doesn't seemed realistic. It looks childish and aint mature/cool as seen in AAA video games.

Is the Pixar-like exaggerated animations are the basics of achieving highly realism and cool animations as seen in AAA video games?

Is "Diploma in animation" is the right path to get involved in video game cinematics/ development?
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