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Here is the GOOD:
1) You are a talented artist and show a deep understanding in form and anatomy as well as design and space awareness

2) you have a clerk sit in design . It gives me the needed detail of your background, showcases your tallest, and demonstrates yet again you know your stuff when it comes to design and layout.

This is the BAD:
1) You do not have a demo reel that is 3 min long that shows your models spinning around so I can not tell if you understand timing or composting plus if I was going to hire you it would be the first and maybe the only thing I look at for the first 10 sec of being on your site.

2) You you don't show that you understand format. Go google "model pack" and see how other 3D artist that are working as modelers present there work. You need to demenstrate that you can speek the langquage and are not just a hobiest that is trying to break into the industry.

Y pose models are bleh specially when I see them in scan line render instead of taking the time to show me global illumination or at least HDMI Render for quick fix shots. Your locking your self out of the running with what you got so fare.

3) Last but not least you have no work xp so why should I take a risk on you? A 3D artist costs around ~40k a year. I may be able to help you here so PM me about a project I am involved in.

The point is a artist that graduates or even has a working product even if its a game mod pack he made with some friends or on his own has a better chance then you in trying for the same job because he all ready knows how to get with the program when I hire him and needs less baby sitting. I got a crew of 3 concept artist and 4 other modeling artist I need to watch over. I have a UI artist and a sound artist. I answer 10-20 emails that each one may take up to 30 min of my time pending on what they contain. Why should I take you?

The Bottom Line

You got talent and no one can take that away from you. Now you need to pick your industry and start networking to get in. If you want to do 3D modeling for games go join a group making a game for free.

Its long hours and may never flip a profit but you will learn more then any college class can teach you when it comes to the real world. You will also have a tangable product that you can add to your porfolio and resuma when other jon opertunitys come nocking on the door.

Artist sweat for there craft, wannabes want a quick fix to the goal, so which are u?

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