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I would also prepare by coming up with some good answers for situations that could happen and how you would handle them. In my last interview I was really surprised by all the questions that revolved around how I would handle situations that came up. How do you make decisions, how do you handle other employees that you may not get along with, what would you do if you caught someone stealing ideas, itc. Stuff like that. Good luck.

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Hello ,

Tomorrow i will have a phone interview with EA for the LT tester (Turkish) position. Since i already passed all tests and spoke to the human resources lady for hundreds of times , i am assuming this is the last step. At first they wanted to meet up in Madrid but then they decided to do it on the phone when i told them that i am in Barcelona.

HR lady told me that this interview will be with the people from LT Department and it will take aproximately one hour.

I am trying to prepare for the interview but i am not really sure what to cover. I obviously went throught my CV several times but there is absolutely nothing even remotely related to LT testing on my CV so i don't know what they can ask from it. I am also searching previous EA games etc but i don't know what else to do.

Any help is appreciated.

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