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Originally Posted by donahueg View Post
I don't get why all the characters looks the same on engines by rockstar or suckerpunch, etc.
The reason is when you use similar game engines they reuse the same calculation at the graphic card code level in the engine to construct and animate the characters, of course this code can be altered but its high level mathematics calculating the vectors points positions in 3d space, its just simpler to use a game engine with the calculations already done without much altering.

Originally Posted by donahueg View Post
Where are the gingers and the muslims, etc. etc.
They don’t include minorities like Muslims just to avoid hassle; the makers of resident evil had a lot of hassle just because they had black people as zombies in North Africa.

Originally Posted by JohnW67 View Post
Does anyone of you know where I can go best?
I know going to a great collage or uni is a good help in a career yet it’s not everything. You just need to learn the basic skills and then tailor your portfolio to the sort of job you won’t. There are many successful people in the game industry who don’t have degrees in game relevant areas but just learn the skills they needed and made it happen. Some didn’t go to a collage or uni but in these day people need a degree to have a chance of passing the filter system unless you work is just plain amazing.

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