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Default Re: Advancing in C++

Originally Posted by Rybo5000 View Post
Hey everyone,

I have a good basic knowledge of C and C++ (classes, structures, arrays ect ect) all the basic beginner stuff (I've read/have a total of 5 different books in last year on them).

I'm ready to move on and start making simple games, stuff like Pong and that, nothing fancy obviously because I'm still a beginner really.

What would everyone recommend I learn? I've heard of SDL, OpenGL but it's hard to know which will be more useful in the future.
Funny you should mention Pong. This is the worlds longest Pong tutorial and it's not even close to finished. It is a framework for how to create a full game, so in many ways it is vastly over engineered for what it is. At the same time it is a bit of a primer on C++ and OO programming. It uses SFML as the graphics library. You should be able to take the basic concepts from Pang! and create any kind of game. Hopefully you find it useful.
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