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If you are looking at the education route, let me highly suggest you do not attend a game specific school. You are pigeon holing yourself to a degree that is extremely risk when it comes to job prospects. If you couldn't find a job in the games industry you will have a heck of a time finding a job in a general programming industry. Back when I was in a position to hire I frankly wouldn't interview these candidates at all as it becomes quite obvious up front that their heart isn't in it. On the opposite side of the coin, generally a college or university degree is sufficient to be considered for a game position, so I don't think a game specific degree gives you any real upside.

Now if you are in an area where game development jobs are abundant ( does such a local even exist? ) you may disregard my advice.

Now if you are just looking for general course guidelines and not looking to get a degree, it all depends on your experience level. Any introductory programming course will do if you have no prior experience. In my experience though, academia does a pretty poor job of teaching programming.

Hey Tom, just want to point out that threads that are old are still bolded for some reason, that's why I ended up posting in what were otherwise old threads, no clue why.
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