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Default Re: becoming a great animator.

In the past I've left so many projects unfinished simply because of information overload! I starting learning programming but ended up getting overwhelmed by all the different things, I then went into website design and again same thing, and finally I tried out graphics and animation and guess what ........ another unfinished project!

What I'd suggest is something I read by I believe Steve Pressfield (Just Do the Work). He approaches it from the point of view of writers. A lot of people end up suffering from 'analysis paralysis'. What my experience has taught me is to just choose one thing you want to focus on and work on just that till completion. So for example, if it's the physics aspect just focus on that alone until you understand it well enough then move on to the next.

Basically, what you need to do is simply chose something to start on (the sooner the better) then move on from there!
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