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Default Re: Portfolio Feedback Request

Never be afraid to follow your dream. As I told my sons, "Pursue you passion; the money will come." -- Of course, it sometimes takes a while. ;-)

I don't know what the entry level is for artists. (I play at art, but earned my keep as a programmer.) My suggestion is to keep building your portfolio, work on your art every day (that's how you get better), and do what you're doing here. Put it out for comment.

When you feel you've got a strong enough portfolio, start interviewing. If you don't know where, start networking. You'd be surprised at how many jobs are gained through networking.

Re: Your work, it shows good color and movement. Decent variety, but don't be afraid to stretch yourself. Often we learn by trying and failing.

I especially love Dragon Mother. The atmospheric perspective is spot-on, and you captured that somber mood perfectly. The next image, Chica, was a bit of a surprise -- quite different from your other pieces, but the modeling on shoulder, arm and bosom are beautifully done. Definitely another another one of my favorites.

You've got talent, and you've got passion. Just keep expanding your network, and you'll find that all important "first job".

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