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Default Balancing full time job and games journalism

I've been trying to get into the games journalism industry for the past few years now. As a result, I've written for a few websites voluntarily but after graduating from studying journalism at university I needed to get a full time paid job. Since I was struggling to find any paid opportunities in this field, I'm now in an unrelated job doing web administration work.

At the same time I'm still trying to maintain my passion of getting my foot in the door of games journalism . I feel like I'm in a good position, as I now write for a site run by previous editors of a well known games magazine. I also recently got invited to a game studio where I got to preview a game before release and interview the developer whom I'm a great fan of, which was a major achievement for me. Trouble is it's still all unpaid work and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to focus on writing after being at work all day to the point I get bad writers block and sometimes end up submitting reviews late as a result which is incredibly frustrating and dents my confidence a bit.

Has anyone else been in this situation? I'm hoping the site I write for eventually grows into a paid position once they become more well known, though I had the same hope for the previous site I wrote for after 2 years.

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