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Default Re: From Programming to Design

I want to get to work in America/Canada
Which country are you from and where are you studying?

both video games and table top games.
They are two different industries . Do you want advice for each?

What should I do to get there?
Getting a role in programming or scripting will be your best route at the moment. It currently has the most open jobs. Then you can see if you want to move sidewards into design.

Build up a really good portfolio of games and/or applications and network. Make sure you learn and get a good working knowledge of the programming languages used in games at the moment.

Does the degree will help me to get my foot in the door?
Help? Yes. Is the degree alone good enough? No. You need to do more then your degree.

How will I avoid becoming the next EA wife's husband?
Say no to longer hours. Research studios and found those that are well managed. Work in a country that has strict laws on overtime.
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