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Default Getting into Design through Writing?

Hello, so I have no idea if I will get an answer on here but I dont know where else to ask so I am asking here. I am currently a 23 year old college student and will be graduating with a degree in English, specifically Creative Writing this summer. I would like to work as a game designer doing character design, or level design, or whatever, just some kind of design. I am actually not really interested in writing, though wouldn't mind doing it as long as I did mainly design of some kind.

I have been looking at Digipen in Redmond WA for awhile and know if I went there I could get a good job in Design afterwards. My problem lies in that I am already 23, and could get a job as a writer at a video game company out of college this next Fall. Or I could go to Digipen, spend the next 4+ years getting a second bachelors in design, have $100,000 in debt, and then start as a designer.

So I guess what I am wondering is how difficult would it be for me to move from getting hired as a writer, to being more of a designer? Would it be better for me to go to Digipen, get the design degree, and start out designing with the ability to write, or start out working as a writer, somehow work my way into the design department, and learn how to design at a company? Any help, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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