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Default Re: Getting into Design through Writing?

Lon wrote:
1. I am already 23, and could get a job as a writer at a video game company out of college this next Fall.
2. Or I could go to Digipen, spend the next 4+ years getting a second bachelors in design, have $100,000 in debt, and then start as a designer.
3. So I guess what I am wondering is how difficult would it be for me to move from getting hired as a writer, to being more of a designer?
4. Would it be better for me to go to Digipen, get the design degree, and start out designing with the ability to write, or start out working as a writer, somehow work my way into the design department, and learn how to design at a company?
1. Are you certain you could be hired as a writer right out of college? Really? (Do you already have an offer?)
2. That's all correct except the last six words. It would be very rare and unusual to start as a designer right out of college.
3. Don't ask "how difficult." Everything is difficult. It all depends on you.
4. My crystal ball is in the repair shop. I could do a tarot reading though, if you want... Or you could make a decision grid.
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