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Default Re: Getting into Design through Writing?

1. Are you certain you could be hired as a writer right out of college? Really? (Do you already have an offer?)
2. That's all correct except the last six words. It would be very rare and unusual to start as a designer right out of college.
3. Don't ask "how difficult." Everything is difficult. It all depends on you.
4. My crystal ball is in the repair shop. I could do a tarot reading though, if you want... Or you could make a decision grid.
1. No, I do not currently have a job offer. Though after reading articles and looking at application requirements I am pretty confident I could get a job, probably not a particularly exciting one, but still a job at a game company writing something. This would allow me to not only work at a game company but to make more then negative financial progress with loans, and make connections with people in the fields I want to work.

2. I don't think its unreasonable to assume I could get a job working in game design after having obtained a bachelors in English, and a bachelors in Game Design. Again, not a lead game designer or anything super awesome, but an entry level designer at an average company. I base this assumption on, again, application requirements posted on companies websites, articles I have read, as well as Digipens statistics on successful job placement.

3. I am sorry if my use of the words "how difficult" were troublesome for you. I was merely trying to get an idea of how likely it is for someone to transition between these two fields. In the link you gave for this question Tom says it takes a lot of networking and hard work in both your current position as well as meeting and being noticed for the other position. This is good advice but doesn't really answer my question.

Going from Customer Support to Game Design I think would be a little different then going from Writing to Game Design as CS isn't really related to design, while writing is. I think in a lot of cases I would already be working with the design guys, for example, to work out what kind of character I am writing a script for. Is he a cold hearted murderer, or a scrawny push over that will cower in fear.

4. You seem to assume I am being a pretentious college guy who seems to think he will be able to waltz into any old game company and acquire a high paying position with no real experience. I apologize if I have came off in this way. I am simply trying to decide if it would be a better decision to take my English degree and use it to pursue a career in Game Design, or would it be worth my while to go significantly farther into debt and spend another four years to get an actual bachelors in design.

I don't think this requires any fortune telling. I never asked "How successful will I be at doing this?" I was asking which would be more worth while. Which would be more likely to get me into design considering the factors of time and money.

I have emailed a number of different companies asking this question with little response. I thought maybe I could get some insight on these forums. Thank you for the links to those articles though, they were helpful in some areas.
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