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Default Re: Game Design Challenge: Location, Location, Location

Here's my entry. Looks like it's been quiet. Also looks like I only picked up on the challenge after the closing date, so this may all be for naught, but it's been fun anyway.

Any comments?

Challenge: Location, Location, Location
Title: GeoTanks!
High Concept: A fusion between Pocket Tanks, Google Earth, Facebook, and your mobile device!


Players engage in live battle against others in real time within a player-selected geographic area (hundreds of meters to global-scale warfare). The aim is to capture vital ground or destroy all opposition. Player profiles persist online, allowing them to gain additional skills, weapons, and bonuses.

The player’s mobile device provides the geolocation required to position them within the gameplay environment, which is directly drawn from Google Earth. Players can move as they choose to within their available resources (e.g. foot, bus, bike, car).
Terrain is accurately mapped to the real world in the X, Y, and Z axes, making the selection of an appropriate trajectory important in mountainous or urban terrain. Players proceed by selecting weaponry from their arsenal, physically pointing and inclining their mobile device to aim their weapons. Players then adjust the power of their shot. They then press the fire button, sending the warhead hurtling on a ballistic trajectory towards its target.

Players can access a range of weapons and accessories, each have differing effects and refresh rates. Most will damage an opponent’s health, but some may create barriers, force fields, or even restore friendly health.

The environment is randomly seeded with objectives for players to occupy, gaining points or gameplay bonuses, as well as equipment, weapon, or skill caches which will be added to the inventory of the player who reaches them first.


Persistent Profiles: Player profiles are stored online with their Facebook account for others to compare scores and communicate with. Arsenals and achievements are persistent, encouraging players to explore their real-world environment to acquire items for use in current and future battles.

Google Earth Interface: GE geomatic data is used to provide a high fidelity gameplay environment based on the players’ surroundings.

Gameplay modes: Players are free to move as they please in real time. However, the selected gameplay mode will affect the way in which they can fire their weapons:

a. Aristocrat: Players take turns shooting. Only 1 player may shoot at any given time. Each turn is constrained by an adjustable limit lasting up to 60 seconds.
b. Warmonger: Player rates of fire are constrained only by their selected weapon’s refresh rate.

User-selected battlefields: Players may elect to create their own private battlefields by defining a perimeter within which others may be invited to play, or join permanently established combat areas. Players begin in small battlefields, but as their arsenal and skills grow, they can engage in progressively larger warzones which can span the globe. Game types include Capture the Flag, Seize Ground, and Annihilation!

Information warfare: Use drones, satellites, radar, signals intelligence, and strong optics to spot your opponents. Beware: they will use stealth, electronic counter measures and decoys to deceive you!

Difficulty levels: Adjustable difficulty levels will affect user health levels, weapon refresh rates, and accuracy of reconnaissance reporting.

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