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Lightbulb Some questions and things I'm worried about

Hi! I'm from Brazil and i want to be a Game Designer.
My main will is to Game Design, Level Design and Program.

Here in Brazil there are few Game Design colleges, the only good ones are
too far from my estate and the nearest one is really horrible. I decided to go to Computer Science to learn Logical Process, Programming and Graphical Computing. (The College also keeps contact with Ubisoft wich may offers students some small jobs)

I want to know if I took the right decision.I want to know if that will help me or not in the process of being a Game Designer in the future. I'll probably try out a specialization course in Game Design, after I graduate.
Here in Brazil we have to take exames (hard ones) to enter College, so I really want to know if I made a good decision or if I am completly lost and wasting my time.

Also I want to know how to study Game Design by my own (tutorials,books,etc.). I Do have the habit of writing my own imaginary games. (2 projects are already out of paper: a Arcade shooter space game, and a Super Mario World Mod.)

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