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Default Top 10 Research - Break Immersion Good ???

In this article published in the Game Caree Guide Features area:

one of the findings seems really counter-intuitive:

9. Breaking the "immersive spell" can make gameplay more engaging.
Takeaway: Making players remember it's a game can heighten their experience.
Question for game designers: Could you engage players by breaking their immersion at least once?

That seems absolutely wrong, so I'd be very interested in learning of examples that support the above assertion as it seem so counter to what most designers aspire to.

A counter example is the way that EverQuest handled moving from one zone to the next. The screen used to go black with a splash screen graphic that visually smacked you in the face, making it impossible to ignore the fact that you were played ing a game. That broke the immersion rather effectively. These days EQ handles it differently allowing a visually smoother transition from one zone to the next without the distracting splash screen.

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