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Default Re: Game Design Challenge: Role Reversal

Here's a first cut at my entry.

Any thoughts?

Game Title: Happy Pigs

Game Type: Castle Defense / Puzzle

High Concept: Angry birds told from the pig’s point of view. Players have to build their castles from a variety of materials and position their pigs in such a way that they survive the birds’ onslaught.

Story Overview: A bunch of pigs were happily minding their own business when a flock of angry birds come charging over the hill, itching for a fight. Wrongly accused of stealing the birds’ eggs, the pigs must defend themselves against the frenzied swarms.

Gameplay overview:
The game is played on the same type of 2D side-scrolling plane as Angry Birds.
Players are given an area in which to build their castles. The building areas vary from level to level to provide new challenges to castle building

Players are provided a limited number and types of construction materials with which to build their castles. Materials include:

- Wood: A light and flimsy building material. Typically the most plentiful resource with which to build castles.
- Stone: A resilient construction material, rarer than wood, but still fairly accessible.
- Glass: A very fragile construction material, rare. Stops the forward motion of birds, but shatters upon first impact.
- Steel: The most solid construction material, but very rare.

Players will gain access to a number of enhancements which will be unlocked by attaining certain scores or completing achievements:

- Archers: Unlocked by reaching 5000 points in a level. Provides an archer which can be placed while building the castle. Archers will take a single shot at each bird attack, with a 15% chance to hit. Archers will be able to shoot until they are destroyed by a bird attack.
- Ice Pits: Unlocked by surviving 1 level with no casualties. Freezing temperatures create downdrafts which alter the course of birds flying a certain distance over the pits.
- Flaming Pits: Unlocked by surviving 5 levels with no casualties. High flames grill the birds before they can reach the castle. The heat waves also provide a lifting force to any birds passing over top, altering their trajectory.
- The Great Boar: A special item which can be purchased by players which will allow them to automatically complete a level.

Leveraging the effects of in-game physics is essential to successfully completing each level.

Scoring: Players have to survive waves of increasingly diverse and numerous birds which attack. Scores are directly related to the type of the bird attacking, the quantity of damage inflicted (or avoided), and the number of pigs which survive each level.
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