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Infi mostly, but I believe I can get through that. In the upcoming semesters (3-6) the math will dwindle to nothing, so this is my conciliation. By the way, I sent you that email, and it is not nice to say stuff like "whine". Either way, I'm glad there are people like you that help others trying to get into the gaming industry.

Now, about my self. I like to program. I see myself as a programmer as well as a writer. I chose to study somputer science becuase it is profitable, regardless of gaming. I just thought that particular industry might introduce a certain adge to make work more interesting and engaing though it is still work.

There is a way to lower the level of the math by combining the degree with something else from another faculty, especially something from humanities, but I believe this will only increase the workload and the learning hours. Even though I see myself as a writer what they mostly though is to criticize published work instead of making their own, smells like bull.
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