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Default Re: Design Challenge: One Button Control.

here is my idea
the game is based on r2d2(the robot from start wars in case sumone dont know).
R2D2 is lost on a planet, planet with ropes spikes and jumpbots.
the aim of the game is to help r2d2 jump from the planet escaping from junkbots nd collecting the spraks which gives power to r2d2 as he is a robot
each sparks gives him energy for 7 secs
the camera is moving slowly so u r supposed to keep the pace with that if u r out of the camera u die
casual arcade
u press the button once u jump from one rope to another
u press the same button twice u change that direction of movement ie if u r character is going down than u change it to up with the double tap
u r supposed to change directions as there r spikes on both ends ie up and down nd u cant hit those spikes u will die.
u cant get caught by the junkbots they will eat u up
there are color changing sparks within the level u take them when they r blue u will get energy
u take them when they r green ur speed slows down
thats the whole game
the background has panographic junkyard(a space junkyard which i still need to think upon on design basis)
the hud has a clock for the energy sparks

m attaching a file to make myself understand properly
m not a artist juss a programmer so dont go on the image its juss to make the level understand easily
the orange one is R2D2
the red are junkbots
the blue are energy sparks
nd blue green are color changing sparks
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