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Default Re: IPhone Game Development Help!

I've released large scale indie games on iOS and Tegra devices, one using UDK (then transferred to UE3) and another using Unity (then grew into Unity Pro).

If you're interested in learning how to program AND release a game at the same time, I'd recommend leaning towards Unity. Unreal Engine is an amazing piece of software but the authoring tools are cumbersome and UnrealScript/C++ isn't the most well balanced in terms of finding appropriate documentation and receiving real code answers. Unity Script Reference and Unity Answers are pretty awesome resources for learning JavaScript and C#. Unity was my first exposure to both languages and I had a complete, working game in 4 weeks.

As for getting started as an Apple developer, it really is as easy as paying $99. You don't even need the mac immediately, you just need it to publish your finished game to the App Store. Matters become increasingly more complicated as you get closer to releasing your product, as Apple requires a lot of key information such as bank account information. All of that information is on Apple's dev websites though, so just be sure to do your reading.
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