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Default Looking For News Writers And Article Writers is looking For News Writers And Article Writers we are a site dedicated to everything First Person, Shooter and First Person Shooter. Sadly, we cant always keep up with all the news available to us and thatís why we need you.

The site currently has a USA Alexa Rank of 83,429 and receives around 70,000 visits and 95,000 page-views a month which is reasonably large. So we want you to join an ever-growing website.

  • Must Have Examples Of Work
  • Must Be Familiar With N4G (Preferable If You Have An Account)
  • Must Be Up To Date On Gaming News
  • Must Know How To Use Wordpress And Do Things Like Set Featured Images And Uploading Images.
  • Positions Available
  • Article Writers: We need article writers who are able to write high quality articles on different topics surrounding the sites category. This will not be required daily but around every 3 days.
  • News Writers: We need news writers who are able to keep up to date on all the latest news surrounding anything that is a first person game, shooter game and a first person shooter game. This will require continuous posts, almost daily.
  • Reviewers: We need reviewers who are able to review games for us that, of course, are related to the site.This is required a couple of days when a new game comes out.
  • Web Developers: If you are a web developer and you feel as if you can lend your skills to our site in anyway we are interested.

So if you are interested in any of these jobs, please email me at with some examples of your work and why you want the job.
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