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Default My dream is to write the story/dialogue for video games. Any advice or explanation?

So, my dream is to write the story or dialogue to video games. I know that I won't just burst into writing for AAA titles. I am a freshman in college and I'm starting my second semester. My parents have been asking me what I want to do with my life and I thought about it and I want to write for video games. I go to Wilmington university in delaware and I want to transfer to another school after the spring semester. I want to go back to university of advancing technology. I went there last year bit I messed up and now I'm at Delaware to get my gpa up. are there any other schools that will help me in my journey or any info or advice. Ive already been to sloperama. I have been writing and I have been fascinated with stories and characters since I was a kid. I wrote some short stories, but I don't know how to write for video games. I'm not a tech writer and I hate math. What degree do I need? What colleges offer what I need? Also, the schools need to be for people who are nerdy and cool like uat. I miss uat a lot though and I miss how all it was. Is there anyone at uat that can help me? What can I do? I have no problem starting out reviewing or writing abou games. I also would gave no problem with other writing careers in the entertainment industry like comic books or something. This is my first post and I really hope someone replies to this with a detailed explanation.
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